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Do you want a migrant job search coach?  One who will guide you all the way through your complete job search from planning your approach, managing your job search through to getting your job offer?

Do you want your job search strategy questions answered by experts, avoid costly and time consuming errors in your job search approach and have greater success in getting a job offer in the shortest timeframe possible?

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The New Zealand job market represents great opportunities for those who want to make the move to NZ.

HOWEVER, a strong market still leaves the migrant job seeker with a daunting task

How to find employment!

Never fear – read on for a step-by-step guide to your job search in New Zealand.


Job Search and Visas.

 Some people have a residency or job search visa before they begin their job search.

Others need to secure a job offer to improve their number of points to obtain a visa.

Some do their job search from overseas and successfully secure employment.

Others come to New Zealand to job search.

Whatever your circumstances – everyone needs a job offer at some stage

Prepare your documents/tools.

There are many documents/tools that you need to have at your fingertips before you begin your job search. Your CV and cover letter are two key tools.

It is important that your CV is in the correct format for the New Zealand job market and properly prepared for your new Kiwi status or migrant job search. This applies to your cover letter too.

These documents open doors – but only if they are properly prepared.

Don’t take an unnecessary risk with these important tools.

What is your strategic plan?

With your visa in hand or your approach to your visa determined and your CV and cover letter properly prepared you now need a strategic plan and an understanding of the job market in New Zealand to move forward.

Your plan needs to include:

How you are going to find jobs;
A very extensive list of industry contacts;
How to manage the job search process; how to find and manage opportunities with success;
Strategies for your migrant job seeker interview:
How to develop and manage a job offer;
Preparation for pulling your job offer and visa together so you maintain an opportunity.

What are the options for a job search?

While you will be given the various options for your job search by many people along the way, it is important to realize that some strategies work for some people and not for others.
The strategies you chose will depend on:

•Where you are located;
•How much time you have to secure a job offer;
•Whether the strategies you chose are working;
•How much money you have to support the length of your job search;
•Whether you want to invest in yourself to optimize your job search and shorten the time frame.

You need a LOT of contacts.

Next you need to connect with large numbers of employers in your field.
Sourcing a large number of potential employers in your occupational field means using many, many resources and a great deal of time.

The fastest, most cost effective way is to source a database of potential employers in your field.

Opportunities won’t wait for you.

Once you have a large contact list and a good strategic plan to proceed with your job search and you know what to expect, begin to send your CV and a cover letter out to your contacts.

Target every potential employer in the country or region in which you want to settle.

Prospecting (“cold”) applications are common in New Zealand and often job offers are made where there is no advertised vacancy.

Network, Network, Network.

Understand the power of networking. Around 70 – 80% of jobs are filled in unconventional ways so make sure you know ALL the RIGHT strategies to network here in New Zealand.

Networking involves a lot more than “Please look at my profile” or “Do you have a job for me?”

Feeling overwhelmed? Not sure where to start? Get help!

If you want to get a job offer as quickly and as easily as possible – we are here to help you.

We provide a wide variety of services designed to provide you with as little or as much help as you want and need.

  • Access our database of over 400,000  NZ employers and get the contact details of employers in your occupational field;
  • Get a strategic plan full of our proven strategies to guide you through all the necessary steps to success;
  • Talk to one of our migrant job search consultant and get your questions answered;
  • Use our Professional Writing Team for your CV, Cover Letter, Executive Biography;
  • Get our Social Media Team to help you with your profile developments and social media postings;
  • Want some other help? Contact us on and tell us what help YOU want for YOUR job search.

You can obtain these services individually, or as a package.

Don’t struggle and stress over your job search when there are many affordable solutions that will get your job search underway FAST!


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